ritual luk pra kob – details

luk pra kob massage

Ritual time: 60 minute
129 lei / pers

The aromatic herbal ball massage, known as Luk Pra Kob massage, uses a harmonious mix of ingredients, carefully selected for their properties and according to the cosmetic requirements. The traditional Thai massage is reinterpreted at Riserva Wine Spa, and it is based on a mix of grape and raisin seeds with aromatic herbs, blending vinotherapy with Phytotherapy. This balanced combination was designed to amplify the benefits of the anti-aging properties of grapes.
The herbs are packed in cotton compresses and put in a steam bath, so once applied to the body skin, extract the aromatic oils from the medicinal plants and the active principles from the grape seeds. This treatment has strong relaxing effects for the body and the mind, leaving the skin hydrated and silky. The massage is the best method to benefit from the properties of essential oils; it stimulates the senses and relaxes the body. Grape seeds are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that fight against the free radicals involved in the aging process of the skin. After cold pressing, remaining fibers are dried and micronized.
The therapists, massage the body with four hot herbals balls, used alternately in pairs. The therapeutic effect is enhanced by combining plants, heat and massage. The purpose of the herbals balls heated during the massage is to improve blood and lymphatic circulation in muscles and joints. Throughout this ritual, the skin will be bathed in herbal essential oils with the ultimate goal to bring the mind and the body into the harmony of a relaxed pampering.
Luk Pra Kob massage induces a balanced state of mind and has a sedative effect. Physically, it represents a refreshing treatment, recommended especially for those people who accuse chronic tiredness, it stimulates the veins-lymphatic flow and improves cellular metabolism. The massage offers the skin elasticity and brightness, due to its moisturized and anti-aging effect. It also relieves rheumatic pain due to the alternation of the hot bags with the healing effects of plants, applied with specific massage methods. The Luk Pra Kob massage recommended by Riserva Wine Spa perfectly combines the relaxing effects with those phytotherapeutic from oriental herbs and anti-aging from grapes.