masaj deep tissue – details

deep tissue massage

Pampering time: 60 minutes
159 lei | person
319 lei | tandem | 2 persons

It is a deep muscle massage therapy, encompassing similar movements to relaxation massage, but more profound and intense. The massage will release pressure on the muscles, taking away the muscle tension, contractures, and discomfort. Being tougher than traditional massage is recommended for people physically active, especially athletes and less energetic people who have a high degree of muscle strength.

Deep tissue massage is a substitute for existing therapeutic massages. It is offered by a specialized therapist, being able to combat the consequences of a lifestyle characterized by stress and tension, generating a general revival. During the massage, a deep tissue therapist must find the ideal way to raise the pressure to a maximum acceptable through communication with the patient. The pressure must be kept constant during the course of the massage. If the comfort level is in excess the patient should tell the therapist during treatment.

Therapeutic Benefits: Combats stress conditions, combats acute and chronic fatigue; prevents and combats chronic muscle diseases. Deep tissue massage is a therapeutical massage by definition; in consequence of such sessions, you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and relaxed.