Forever youth


therapy of the month: premier cru facial ritual
Book the Premier Cru Facial Ritual for a special price. Combining for the first time three active ingredients patented by Caudalie, Premier Cru is a complete anti-aging solution: that corrects wrinkles, gives tones, and moisturizes the skin’s natural glow. The cocktail of active ingredients preserves existing hyaluronic acid in the body, also operating as an agent that fills the skin from the inside, reconstructing facial volume and alleviating wrinkles.
reshaping | delightful | relaxing
90 min | 10% off

add an extra pampering to a booked ritual or massage
*the 30 minutes therapies can not be booked individually

milles boule – glowing body scrub
If you want to keep your skin shiny, to prepare it for the hot season, to help it absorb better the care products, add to any ritual or treatment a gourmet exfoliation through a delicate massage, at your choice from Riserva ‘scrub’ bar:
grape crystals
red grapes extract
purifying | softening | stimulative
30 min | 149 – 129 lei

the cherry on the cake:
delicate scalp massage with coconut oil
oriental | balancing | healing
30 min | 89 lei

hands and feet reflexology therapy
purifying | regenerating | comforting
30 min | 89 lei

lifting or hot&cold stones facial massage
balanced | balmy | shaping
20 min | 79 lei