grand riserva ceremony – details

grand riserva ceremony

Pampering time: 150 minutes
579 lei | person
1159 lei | tandem | 2 persons

Grand Riserva Ritual Face & Body Ceremony is a sensory experience that relaxes and harmonizes the mind and body. Starts with a dip in a milky foam, followed by a satin peeling and a warm grape mousse packing.
The milk powder for the bath is an innovation in luxury bathing. The ultra-fine powder, flavored sensuous instantly disperses in water and creates an emulsion of milk. Water becomes opaque and forms a soft foam, releasing active ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin.
The red grape scrub is an exceptional natural scrub. It has a light, fluid texture and is effectively achieved through a combination of grapes peeling particles, and marine salts. It has a nourishing and skin-protecting result, thanks to grape seed oil which moisturizes skin perfectly, while red grapes prevent the aging process.
Self-heating packing masks with grape extracts and seaweed has detoxifying and anti-aging properties face and the body gives a pleasant feeling. The thermal effect increases the bioavailability of the mask’s main ingredients: Polyphenols from grapes and seaweed. This heat activates blood circulation and facilitates perspiration, so this treatment aims to detoxify cells, improve circulation, and combat cellulite.
During body packing the face is pampered with a cleansing and moisturizing delicate treatment. The care range contains polyphenols from grapes with anti-aging properties, trace elements, vitamins, and moisturizing agents. The product range Kianty debris protects the skin against free radicals by using antioxidants promotes skin cell regeneration and provides brightness. It is applied with a facial mask containing diatomite, polyphenols, and alginates, ingredients that have the effect of lifting the skin, leaving the skin with fine lines covered and with a bright, uniform tone.
During the plasticizer wine mask is applied is made with coconut oil scalp massage. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair, is a good remedy for dandruff, gives shine, and prevents splitting of hair ends, and hair loss.
Then there’s a whole body relaxing massage with grape seed oil and according to the Spa’s signature, the entire body is scented with one of the Caudalie flavored water. Therefore, because you chose Riserva Wine Spa, after treatment, we invite you to enjoy a glass of wine, on the house.