men facial l’artisan – details

l'artisan man facial

Ritual time: 60 minutes
219 lei | person

Gentlemen, even your skin requires personalized care. Especially because your shaving and environmental factors assault it daily. Riserva Wine Spa invites you to an exclusively male ritual – L’Artisan – a treatment (Bruno Vassari) based on grapes that will regenerate your skin in just 5 steps.

Cleaning in two phases and the toning will perfectly clean impurities, will regenerate the epidermis and it will moisturize. In the first phase is used cleansing lotion with soothing and moisturizing action due to polyphenols with anti-aging effects and anti-free radicals. In the second phase, it is used as an instant foam, extremely fine, and cleans perfectly the impurities, protecting the fragility of sensitive skin. In the end is applied a toner containing trace elements, vitamins, and polysaccharides, which have to regenerate, firm, and revitalize the properties of the skin while protecting the skin against free radicals.

Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells encouraging skin cell regeneration and providing brightness. The gel contains antioxidants, green tea extract, allantoin, glycyrrhizic acid (extracted from licorice) and cleans the skin in-depth, and stimulates the natural regeneration of skin visibly smoother.

The next two masks will detoxify the skin and will fill it with vitality. The first mask is a revolutionary product with a scaling, self-heating effect, suitable for all skin types, and especially recommended for acne, skin keratinized, and pigmented skin. The thermal effect of the mask increases the bioavailability of active ingredients and allows detoxifying of the skin as the heat increases blood circulation. A second mask is chosen according to skin type – with the vitalizing effect of intensive hydration or oily skin. During application, the mask is performed with a scalp massage with coconut oil gently heated.

The hydrating gel mask is applied after you remove dead cells from the epidermis and lastly, smoothing wrinkles. Vitamin E protects against UV radiation that causes premature skin aging. Around the eyes, we use a special cream for this area. The treatment ends with a facial massage that will moisturize and tone the skin, banishing stress, and sinus congestion, and eliminating your headaches.