ritual facial premier cru – details

premier cru

Pampering time: 90 minutes
359 lei | person

Combining for the first time three active ingredients patented by Caudalie, Premier Cru is a complete anti-aging solution: that corrects wrinkles, gives tones, and moisturizes the skin’s natural glow. The cocktail of active ingredients that act in perfect synergy fills the polyphenols extracted from grape seeds, the most powerful antioxidants known to date, ten thousand times more effective than vitamin E at fighting free radicals. Polyphenols patented by Caudalie research laboratories, preserve existing hyaluronic acid in the body, also operating an agent that fills the skin from the inside, reconstructing facial volume and alleviating wrinkles.

After appropriate cleaning of the skin, a decrustation exfoliation is applied for impurities removal impurities. This exfoliating facial cleanser contains microparticles that are cleaned in-depth, leaving your skin clean and smooth. Peppermint extract brings a note of freshness, and grape pulp feeds and nourishes deeply.

Then the mask has applied a mask according to skin type (oily hydrating/oil skin/calming, etc.). During application of the mask is done with a hand massage with intense moisturizing cream and anti-aging properties.
After the facial massage applies a second facial mask, a gum mask with grape extracts. It will contain diatoms, polyphenols, alginate, and ingredients that have a skin-lifting effect, leaving skin wrinkles and luminous, toned evenly. While the mask is applied to red grapes plastifiantă is massaging the scalp with coconut oil.

Then follows the firmness serum application with Resveratrol, eye contour cream, concentrate, and ultimately restorative cream. All this back into shape tired and lessens the first signs of aging. Caudalie polyphenols patented in laboratories preserve hyaluronic acid in the body, swelling skin from the inside, and softening wrinkles of expression.

And, finally, the Spa signature, spraying the skin with a Beauty Elixir (Caudalie) with a refreshing, astringent, and moisturizing effect, an elixir made of extracts of grape, Mint, and Rosemary.