vinohydratation facial ritual – details


Pampering time: 60 minutes
Price: 219 lei | person

Moisturize your skin with grapes! Change the destiny of your dry and dehydrated skin. Get it ready in time for the sun and summer. Moisturize it. Give your skin the energy it needs so much. Riserva Wine Spa recommends the Vinohydratation treat with grape extracts. The treatment will stimulate and smooth your skin, giving it brightness. Your skin will be repaired and rehydrated absolutely.
Rediscover the beauty of your skin. Next to the moisturizing treatment, Vinohydratation Riserva adds a scalp massage with coconut oil.

After makeup removal we prepare an enzymatic peeling exfoliation with glycolic acid, which removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and shiny.
Then we apply a moisturizing mask, which will protect against dehydration and will leave your skin radiant, supple, with a fresh look. The mask is enriched with antioxidants for firmness, viniferine oil from the pips of grapes for feeding, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin. During the application, a mask is applied to the scalp massage with coconut oil.

Then apply an oil-free hydrating serum, aqueous, delicate structure, which is rapidly absorbed by the skin. His notes of mandarin, fresh shoots of lemon, cucumber water, and fresh mint are extremely refreshing.
For fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips use anti-wrinkle cream with polyphenols. This creamy textured gel has multiple benefits for both the eye area (combating dark circles, fighting against oxidation, moisturizing the skin, reducing fine lines) and lip (intensive hydration, excellent makeup). In addition to the combination of anti-oxidant extremely powerful polyphenols and vitamin C, its formula includes Matrixyl 3000 (a combination of peptides that intensifies the synthesis of collagen), horse chestnut extract for smoothing, licorice extract for neighborhoods, and Calendula and Witch Hazel for its soothing and softening.

Cream sorbet applied at the end is acting as a moisturizing, nourishing mask and at the same time, preserves the look and feel of the matte skin. Swells your senses with its refreshing notes of orange, lavender, sandalwood, and Vetiver.