vinopure facial ritual – details


Pampering time: 60 minutes
Price: 219 lei | person

For oily skin and acne, we recommend the facial treatment Vinopure. After cleansing, the skin follows a delicate exfoliating cream for removing impurities. It is ideally suited to scrub sensitive skin. Removes dead skin cells, coming out of the skin clean and glowing. Main ingredients: grape seed moisturizing oil, Jojoba micro-granules for deep cleansing, nourishing honey to stimulate cell regeneration. The purifying mask is then applied – the ideal complement care regime. This purifying mask contains two different types of clay to absorb impurities, being created to block pores and remove dead skin cells. Main ingredients: Cleansing Clay (kaolin and bentonite), zinc sebum-regulating effect, lavender astringent. Cleansing Mask can be used successfully to cure acne and enlarged pores.

For wrinkles around the eyes and lips use anti-wrinkle cream from chi and polyphenols. This gel cream has various benefits for both the eyes (combats dark circles, combats oxidation, moisturize the skin, reduce fine lines) and lips (intensive moisturizing, ideal basis). As a plus, the extremely strong anti-oxidants polyphenols combination and stabilized vitamin C, the formula includes also Matrixyl 3000 (a combination of peptides). This enhances collagen synthesis, smoothing chestnut extract, licorice extract to relieve the pressure, and marigold and hazel for calming and soothing. The formula is hypoallergenic.
In the last step, there is a moisturizer with a matte effect – this gentle fluid texture without oil, works fast on the skin giving it a velvety appearance. Her notes of citrus, mandarin blossom, leaf or bag lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint water refresh you instantly.