voyage chianti – details

voyage chianti

Pampering time: 90 minutes
329 lei | person
659 lei | tandem | 2 persons

Voyage Chianti is a purifying ritual in two phases: one for the back with matcha green tea and the other for the face with viniferina and organic grape oil, completed by a general energizing massage.
After cleaning the back with gel, the therapists apply a scrub that contains extract oil from matcha green tea and coconut, ensuring a gentle exfoliating with vegetable particles and sugar. The scrub slips and melts on the skin and provides an ideal hydration level and smooth skin thanks to plant oils. Green tea deeply detoxifies because it contains tannin, a substance known lipolytic effects, and eliminates toxins from the tissues. Other active ingredients are vitamins C and E, flavonoids, intense antioxidant properties. They are found in young leaves of green tea matcha, having an anti-aging role by neutralizing free radicals. The precious effects of coconut oil are nourishing and protecting the skin.
Then apply the green tea and seaweed body wrapping. The used wrap is a fine powder of micronized plants, 100% natural, which becomes a fine paste by mixing with water. Seaweed contains trace elements, iodine, and mineral salts that provide the necessary ingredients to eliminate waste from the body.

During the body wrapping, we indulge in gentle facial cleansing and moisturizing. First, the face is cleaned and applies a gentle scrub based on grape and green tea extract plus the glycyretic acid (licorice extract) to remove dead cells and stimulate cell regeneration to give luminosity to the skin. Secondly, apply a vitalizing mask with a lifting effect due to vitamins and ginseng. Then follows a delicate massage with a cream enriched with polyphenols and trace elements, vitamins A, E, and B5, UV filter, seaweed extract, and Shea oil.

The journey continues with an energizing body massage. This type of massage is deep, against contractors, refreshing. It is recommended for back pain and muscle stiffness.
Finally, according to the Spa’s signature, the entire body is scented with one of the Caudalie flavored water. Therefore, because you chose Riserva Wine Spa, after treatment you will enjoy a glass of wine, on the house.