facial massage with hot and cold stones

hot & cold stones facial massage

Ritual time: 20 minute
59 lei | person

Muscular contractions are not only present around the back, around the scapula, shoulder or neck area. We often tense facial muscles, especially around the eyebrows. A facial massage is not just an indulgence, but an essential element that contributes to the well. Refreshing massage with hot and cold stones melt tension and fatigue. By massaging the delicate face, neck and décolleté to stimulate circulation and the toxins are being eliminated. Gentle pressure on the cheek, nose, forehead, helps decongest sinus, and the elimination of excess fluids. Cold stones helps to eliminate the appearance of tired eyes, gives firmness and tonus to the face, soothes headaches, and skin irritations.
Caution: hot and cold stone massage is not recommended for sunburn and irritation. Heat will increase inflammation.
The benefits  of these facial massages is not only the effect of lifting. They have an emotional balance role, gives a general relaxation, harmonizes both physically and mentally. The facial massage is designed to prevent or relieve the symptoms of illness like: headache, migraine, facial myalgia or sinusitis. It accelerates the oxygen uptake at a cellular level and reduces edema (general eye or face).
The recommended frequency for facial massage is 2-3 / week.