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Facial massage with lifting efect

Ritual time: 20 minute
59 lei | person

Muscular contractions are not only present around the back, around the scapula, shoulder or neck area. We often tense facial muscles, especially around the eyebrows. A facial massage is not just an indulgence, but an essential element that contributes to the well.
From this spring, Riserva Wine Spa  is offering you a drainage lifting effect massage. This is done with argan oil and grape seed dry mixed Tint, and in case of oily skin is will  be used a cream with oleic acid and Glucosyl Hesperidin.
The benefits  of these facial massages is not only the effect of lifting. They have an emotional balance role, gives a general relaxation, harmonizes both physically and mentally. The facial massage is designed to prevent or relieve the symptoms of illness like: headache, migraine, facial myalgia or sinusitis. It accelerates the oxygen uptake at a cellular level and reduces edema (general eye or face).
The recommended frequency for facial massage is 2-3 / week.