men ritual back cleansing – details

back cleansing ritual for man

Ritual time: 40 minutes
Price: 99 lei / person

It is ideally suited to avoid overcharging the pores and back acne. The skin will be hydrated, supple and revitalized.
The back is prepared by cleaning with a tonic gel with seaweed extracts which activates blood circulation and gives a feeling of freshness, after follows cleaning the back with a special scrub. It contains matcha green tea extract oil and coconut oil, ensuring gentle exfoliating with plant particles and sugar. It slipped and melts on the skin, providing an ideal hydration level and smooth the skin thanks to plants oils. Deeply detoxified, green tea contains theanine, a substance known for its lipolytic effect and the eliminating of toxins from the tissues properties. Other active ingredients are vitamins C and E, flavonoids with intense antioxidant. They are found in young leaves of matcha green tea, playing an anti-aging role by neutralizing free radicals. Coconut oil is precious for its nourishing and protecting effects.
Then follows a wrapping with green tea and seaweed. The product used is a fine powder of micronized plants, 100% natural, which becomes a green buttery and fine paste by mixing with water. Seaweed contains trace elements, iodine and mineral salts that provide the necessary ingredients to eliminate waste from the body.
During packaging is made scalp massage with coconut oil, and finally the back skin is hydratated with a body balm with grape polyphenols.