body impachetare corp ritual- details

body wrapping ritual

Pampering time: 60 minutes
Price:  189 – 249 lei | person

It starts with an exfoliation depending on the packaging chosen, while is applied to the body mask we offer a scalp massage, and in the end, the whole body is hydrated with a body balm.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and is in contact with the environment. Riserva Wine Spa has prepared a collection of treatments intended to detoxify and restore skin firmness. After the peeling and the body wrapping, the skin is clean and ready to absorb the active ingredients chosen.

The scrub of red grapes is an exceptional natural scrub. It has a light texture, and fluid and effectively peels the skin through a combination containing grape particles and marine salts. It has a nourishing and protective effect on the skin, thanks to grape seed oil that hydrates the skin perfectly, while red grapes effectively prevent aging. The pulp and seeds of red grapes are rich in polyphenols, so the epidermal cells benefit from anti-aging properties due to phytochemicals in grapes working against free radicals and inhibiting enzymes such as collagenase, elastase, and hyaluronidase involved in aging skin. These powerful antioxidants prevent premature skin aging and restore its firmness.

The packaging is chosen depending on the purpose. For an anti-aging effect, we recommend the thermal grape mousse, for anti-cell we invite you to opt for a mix of algae, for moisturizing cranberry, and for firming the chocolate wrap.
During packaging, scalp massage is made with coconut oil, and finally, the whole body is hydrated with a body balm with grape polyphenols.