baie cu nectar struguri – details

grapes nectar bath

Pampering time: 30 minutes
119 lei | person
199 lei | tandem | 2 persons

Nectar baths proposed by Riserva Wine Spa are a wide range of baths with micronized plants. Like fruit liquor with a creamy consistency, dissolved in water to release the treasures of plants showing explosive natural colors and authentic flavors.

Vinotherapy charm is incorporated into this nectar of grapes with concentrates regenerating and protective benefits of red grapes. The color and the scent of this nectar evoke the atmosphere of grape picking season in autumn, with ripe fruit smelling the sun. While grape nectar color brings to mind an old wine from the Bordeaux region, bathing is also suggestive through the shade of ripe plum and delicious fruit flavor, reflecting the abundance of fresh grapes which are used for this beautiful product.
Red grapes are rich in tannins and bioflavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties. While fighting free radicals responsible for skin aging, these polyphenols endow the grapes with regenerative and protective qualities for skin rejuvenation. Furthermore, the grapes are famous for their detoxifying and stimulating circulation.
It’s time to pamper your senses with a dip in the nectar grape skin rejuvenation and a general feeling of wellness.