ritual green detox – details

green detox

Ritual time: 110 min
349 lei | pers

Green detox is a ritual for detoxifying the body in three steps: matcha exfoliation, green tea wrap, and massage having the role of lymphatic drainage. This scrub contains green tea matcha extract oil and coconut oil and provides gentle exfoliation with vegetal particles and sugar.

It glides, melts on the skin, and provides the ideal level of hydration, thanks to the oils coming from the plants. Deeply detoxifying, the green tea scrub makes the perfect prelude to weight loss treatments and anti-aging. Green tea contains theanine, a substance known to eliminate the effects of lipolysis and toxins from the tissues. Other active ingredients are vitamins C and E, flavonoids with intense antioxidant properties. They are found in the young leaves of green tea matcha, playing the role of anti-aging through the neutralization of free radicals. Coconut oil is precious for its nourishing and protecting effects.
After the exfoliation a body toner is applied, made of grape and algae extract, playing an anti-aging role.
Green tea and algae wraps are 100% natural, the product being a fine powder of micronized plants that becomes a green and fine paste after mixing with water. Green tea acts in synergy with seaweed, and it helps you lose weight. Seaweed contains trace elements, iodine, and minerals.  The seaweeds are providing ingredients that are necessary to eliminate waste from the body.
During the wrap, the therapists will add extra pampering as a scalp massage done with coconut oil. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair, is a good remedy for dandruff, makes your hair shine, and also prevents the splitting of your hair and hair loss.

The massage cream with grape seed oil and natural grape extract has anti-aging and anti-cellulite properties (stimulates the enzymatic activity of the elastase, collagenase, and hyaluronidase enzymes that confer skin firmness).