ritual vinofirming – details


Ritual time: 110 minutes
349 lei | pers

Vinofirming is a three-step ritual: peeling with cocoa and oranges, chocolate wrap, and toning massage. The first step in a Spa ritual is exfoliation. By doing so, the skin is cleaned and prepared for further treatment. The chocolate and orange exfoliant is a scrub with sweet and spicy flavors, containing brown cane sugar, provided from the trade fair. This mix is rich in grape seed oil that has a protective film-forming effect and preserves the ideal level of hydration of the skin.
Authentic scents remain on the skin smooth as silk. Raw sugar from this scrub is rich in minerals (magnesium, iron, phosphorus) and brings the skin a large number of vitamins (B1, B2, B5, and E) for care with moisturizing effects and remineralization. The combination of cocoa & orange has a highly lipolytic and tonic effect. The cocoa shell concentrates a lot of active molecules in weight control: theobromine, caffeine, and polyphenols. The orange is a pure concentrate of vitamins C and A, the ideal combination for a toning effect and for preventing cellular oxidation.

After exfoliation, a body toner is applied, with grape extract and algae that contains an authentic cocktail with remineralizing effect, which prepares the skin, opens the pores, and increases the effect of the subsequently applied treatment as well as the skin penetration of active substances. This chocolate wrap is ideal for relaxing, through the thermal effect that helps with the relaxation of tense muscles and increases skin absorption of the active principles found in this thin chocolate mousse.
Theobromine is a substance extracted from cocoa tree seeds and is an important component of anti-cellulite body treatments since it effectively stimulates the dissolution of fat deposits, having also a vasodilating effect, and at the same time, it is a natural antidepressant.

During the wrap, the therapists will add extra pampering with a scalp massage made with coconut oil. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair, and is a good remedy for dandruff, it makes your hair shine and also prevents the splitting of your hair and hair loss.

The whole experience is completed with a toning massage. The first step is to apply a cryogenic gel with a toning role, refreshing and soothing the skin, then a specific cream for treating skin flaccid, to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and improve muscle tone and activation of the microcirculation (with the role of increasing the metabolic changes in the skin).