ritual vinoslim – details


Ritual time: 110 min
349 lei | pers

Vinoslim is a three-step loss weight ritual: peeling with algae – green barely and marine salts, grape, algae slimming wrap, and an anti-cellulite massage. The scrub with algae and sea salts combines the action of exfoliation of the salt with the properties of algae. Seaweed contains trace elements, iodine, and minerals. The seaweeds provide ingredients that are necessary to eliminate waste from the body. Iodine fights against cellulite and fat deposits. After the exfoliation, a body toner is being applied, with grape extract and algae, playing an anti-aging role.

The body is then packed with grape jelly, obtained from the red grape pulp. It has a delicate texture, a heady fragrance, and many active ingredients and anti-aging liporeductor prepared to neutralize free radicals and revitalize the skin.
During the wrap, the therapists will add extra pampering with a scalp massage made with coconut oil. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair, and is a good remedy for dandruff, it makes your hair shine and also prevents the splitting of your hair and hair loss.

The massage cream with ivy and algae has the effect of eliminating modeling fluid retention, and stimulating micro-circulation. The Iodine organic that it contains is working in adipocytes having an enzyme activity to convert triglycerides to glycerol causing cellulite and fatty acids, which are eliminated through the capillaries that are near the adipocytes. After repeated application, the body contour recovers and diminishes corporeal nodules.