voyage divinum – details

voyage divinum

Pampering time: 120 minutes
389 lei | person
779 lei | tandem | 2 persons

Voyage Divinum is a relaxed and balanced sensorial experience.
The ritual begins with a glazed exfoliation with matcha green tea, followed by a grape jelly wrap. During the packing, we indulge you with a scalp massage with nourishing coconut oil. Moreover, as a final step of the pampering, a general relaxing massage with honey and lavender follows.

By exfoliation, the skin is cleaned and prepared for further treatments. The scrub contains an oily extract from matcha green tea and coconut oil, and it provides a delicate exfoliation with vegetal particles and sugar. The scrub glides softly and melts on the skin, it offers an ideal level of hydration and smooth skin due to the plant oils and detoxifies – Green tea contains tannin, a substance known for lipolytic effects, and eliminates toxins from the tissues.

Other active ingredients are flavonoids and C and E vitamins with intense antioxidant properties. They are found in young leaves of matcha green tea, having an anti-aging role by neutralizing free radicals. Coconut oil is precious for its nourishing and protective effects.
The body is packed with grape jelly, made from red grape pulp. It has a delicate texture, a heady fragrance, and many active anti-aging ingredients prepared to neutralize free radicals and revitalize the skin.
During packing, extra pampering is added by massaging the scalp with coconut oil. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair, is a great remedy for dandruff, offers shine, prevents splitting and loss of hair.

The therapist completes the experience with a relaxing massage with special honey created for massage and mixed with lavender. The lavender is well-known for its relaxing and harmonizing qualities. The essential oil that this special honey contains stimulates well-being has calming properties and releases stress. It is also astringent and antiseptic, it purifies and balances the skin. , The lavender honey enriched with Vitamin E leaves the skin hydrated and protected.
Finally, according to the Spa’s signature, the entire body is scented with one of the Caudalie flavored water. Therefore, because you chose Riserva Wine Spa, after treatment you will enjoy a glass of wine, on the house.