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the winemaker facial man ritual

Pampering time: 90 minutes
259 lei | person

It is a ritual dedicated to career men. The visit to Riserva Wine Spa will relieve you from stress and negative energies. This treatment brings a plus to your personal image through clean skin. The Winemaker includes an invigorating massage with grape oil and a facial treatment with grape polyphenols. Farewell muscle stiffness, dry skin, and bad-looking complexion!

The ritual starts with a deep tissue general massage, a deep massage with a refreshing and decompression role. It is ideal for those with back pain. It reduces tensions and muscle cramps. The grape oil massage is the perfect alchemy of protective moisturizing treatment and pure relaxation. Ideal for anti-aging properties, this oil is perfect for mature skin, it is absorbed into the skin quickly and easily. This fragrant oil nourishes and hydrates even the most dehydrated skin.

Then, follows facial moisturization and facial cleansing. The care range contains grape polyphenols with anti-aging properties, trace elements, vitamins, and moisturizing agents. Products from the Kianty range clean the impurities, provide protection for the skin against free radicals by using antioxidants, promotes skin cell regeneration, and provide brightness. It is applied with a facial mask containing diatomite, polyphenols, alginates, ingredients which result in lifting the skin, leaving the skin bright, without fine lines and a uniform tone.

During the plasticizer wine mask, is performed a scalp massage with coconut oil. It stimulates capillary circulation, moisturizes dry hair being a helpful remedy for dandruff, makes the hair shine, prevents splitting of the ends and hair loss.