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lab radiance facial ritual  
radiance facial ritual including an exfoliation session with revitalizing effects  
restoring | renewing | refining
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premier cru, luxury anti-aging treatment for firmness 
tonic treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and recovery of facial volume
sculpting | firming | delightful
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facial treatment for acne, oily/fat skin
purifying | protection | rebalancing
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facial treatment for rosacea, sensitive skin
calming | refined | comforting
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facial treatment for dry, dehydrated skin
repairing | nourishing | soothing
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champagne eclat instant
the express treatment for brightness
radiant | stimulant | revitalizing
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facial massage with hot and cold stones 
facial massage with tonic effects
stimulant | radiant | therapeutic
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facial massage with a lifting effect 
facial massage to recover the facial volume
sculpting | draining | vitalizing
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elastin and collagen ampoule 
add an ampoule to any facial treatment 
rebalancing | nourishing | repairing
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