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all Riserva Signature treatments include wine serving and access to Riserva Wine Spa facilities

grand riserva face & body ceremony | grand riserva tandem 
nectar bath, delicate exfoliation, warm grape powder packing, purifying and hydrating facial treatment, scalp massage, balancing massage with organic grape oil
luxurious | inspiring | renovating
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voyage divinum | voyage divinum tandem 
delicate exfoliation, grape jelly packaging, scalp massage, soothing massage of the entire body with honey and lavander
balancing | nourishing | perfection
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voyage chianti | voyage chianti tandem 
two phase purifying treatment, one for the back with matcha and green tea jelly, another for the face, with viniferine and organic grape oil, energizing massage
cleansing | lightening | repairing
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voyage merlot | voyage merlot tandem 
hands and feet ritual, grape based exfoliation, cranberry thermo packaging, reflexology, soothing massage with peptides and polyphenols balm
rejuvenating | pampering | nutritive
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facials – menu


pinotage facial ritual  
facial ritual including a dermabrasion session with revitalizing effects  
restoring | renewing | refining
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facial treatment for acne, oily/fat skin
purifying | protection | rebalancing
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facial treatment for rosacea, sensitive skin
calming | refined | comforting
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facial treatment for dry, dehydrated skin
repairing | nourishing | soothing
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premier cru, anti ageing tratament for firmness 
tonic treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and recovery of facial volume
sculpting | firming | delightful
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facial massage with hot and cold stones 
facial massage with tonifiant effects
stimulant | radiant | therapeutic
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facial massage with hot aromatic herb sachets 
facial massage with purifying effects
purifying | aromatic | sooting
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facial massage with lifting effect 
facial massage to recover the facial volume
sculpting | draining | vitalizing
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champagne eclat instant
express treatment for brightness
radiant | stimulant | revitalizing
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elastin and collagen ampoule 
add an ampoule to any facial treatment 
rebalancing | nourishing | repairing
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colectii corp – meniu en


authentic balinese massage (with balineze therapists)
profound body massage with coconut and essential oils, action on the 12 meridians that cross the body 
balancing | energizing | spiritual
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body wrapping ritual 
exfoliation depending on the chosen wrapping, wrapping, scalp massage, body balm at your choice of:
thermal anti aging grapes and plants extract body wrap
anticell grapes and algae body wrap 

hydration with grape gel, thermal cranberry or chocolate body wrap 
shaping slimming algae body wrap 
caressing | softening | purifying 
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green detox body ritual 
exfoliation with matcha and green tea jelly, grape and algae enforcement, grapes and algae body wrap, scalp massage, intense body massage 
purifying | relieving | repairing
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vinoslim body ritual 
exfoliation with firming gel, grape and algae enforcement, grape gel body wrap, scalp massage, profound body massage 
sculpting | delightful | softening
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vinofirming body ritual 
exfoliation with orange and cocoa, grape and algae enforcement, chocolate body wrap, scalp massage, energizing body massage
revitalizing | stimulant | delicious
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luk pra kob herbal ball thai massage 
massage with aromatic sachets reinterpreted based on a mixture of pressed grape seeds and raisins
relaxing | delightful | aromatic
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for men – meniu en


l’artisan facial treatment 
facial treatment for purifying man skin, based on grape extract
cleansing | renewing | classic
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the winemaker ultimate indulgence
deep tissue massage, facial cleansing treatment, stimulating scalp massage, wine serving
relaxing | pampering | blissful
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age-defying man facial treatment 
facial treatment for firmness and wrinkle-fighting with polyphenols and viniferina
antiageing | restoring | stimulant
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back cleansing treatment 
foaming cleansing, delicate exfoliation, green tea mask for the back, scalp massage, purifying balm
clarifying | indulging | vitalizing
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masaje – meniu en


aromatherapy massage | aromatherapy massage tandem 
stimulating | delightful | aromatic
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deep tissue massage | deep tissue massage tandem 
intense | therapeutic | pressuring
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intuitive massage | intuitive massage tandem 
personalized | unique | fabulous
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omega3 and grapes hot stones massage | ‘hot stone’ massage tandem 
pampering | nourishing | antioxidant
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signature honey and lavender massage | ‘honey’ signature massage tandem 
gentle | sensorial | purifying
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bathing rituals

bathing rituals

water rituals


‘the milky way’ honey and milk bathing ritual 
delicate bath with milk foam and honey massage
perfection | softening | diaphanous
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milk foam bathing ritual 
softening bath with milk foam 
delicate | refreshing | sensuous
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grape nectar bathing ritual  
softening bath with milk foam 
delicate | refreshing | sensuous
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